Lit Crawl

I’m reading some new, apparently rhymey poems Thursday, October 24, at 8 PM
with my fantastic fellow Writers in the Schools, Erin Malone and Matt Gano, at Vermillion Gallery, during a 3-hour bonanza of literary happenings on Seattle’s Capitol Hill and beyond. Crawl by for a drink and a verse!

Rhyme and Reason: Poets Who Teach

Vermillion Gallery, 1508 11th Avenue
Matt Gano, Erin Malone, Rachel Kessler and Jeanine Walker

Poets from Seattle Arts and Lectures’ Writers in the Schools (WITS) program show off rhythm and meter. Matt Gano (Suits for the Swarm), Erin Malone (Hover), Rachel Kessler (TATE, USA Today, The Stranger),and WITS staffer and host Jeanine Walker (Cimarron Review, Web Conjunctions) read.

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