Two New Poems in PageBoy Magazine!

Two of my Concept Album poems have been published in PageBoy Magazine, “What Is Fudge?” and “Family Portrait of Noses.” (Concept Album is a format that I’ve been working with, inspired by Anne Carson’s “Short Talks” and Jason Whitmarsh’s “Histories.” A Concept Album is a series of songs that tell a story (such as The Beach BoysPet Sounds, Face to Face by The Kinks) – I write a prose poem / critical review of an imaginary Concept Album.)

It’s beautiful! It’s for sale!

PageBoy Magazine’s latest issue is now available via paypal at Issue VI contains work by Jeff Encke, Annie Chou, Greg Bachar, Nadine Maestas, Fred Sasaki, Rachel Kessler, Greg Bem, Marrissa F. Baum, and Simone Sachs. Art by Alfredo Arreguin.


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