Off the Record: Interview with Record Appreciator Rachel Kessler

Henry Art Gallery — Blog

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Kessler, 1/2 of the poetry & science team Vis-a-Vis Society. Rachel will be giving a lecture on THURSDAY at The Henry, in conjunction with the current exhibition, titled The Record.

Rachel gave me sneak peek into the content of her lecture, as well as talk about Seattle school districts, the disconnect of being a food critic relying on food stamps, and the importance of the “cranky socialist” persona.

Read Rachel’s interview below, come see the lecture on Thursday, and make sure to check out other works by the Vis-a-Vis society!

Nelson (left) and Kessler (right) of the Vis-a-Vis Society.

The interview:

You plan to discuss your appreciation of records, what are you going to talk about?
The first thing I thought about discussing was about my childhood experience with records. When I was growing up my…

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