Video Poems

I’m teaching a class on video poems with the fantastic organization Path With Art right now, so I thought I should post a few of the video poems I’ve made with my collaborator, Sierra Nelson, as part of our literary performance art group Vis-a-Vis Society. (Click on the highlighted links to be transported to my vimeo videos!)

Our most recent heavy metal palindrome one-shot piece: “O, GO” which was part of an installation at the starting line of NEPO House‘s 5K “Don’t Run” artwalk last summer. Brilliantly shot by Genius Award Winning cinematographer Ben Kasulke.

An instructional video on the theme of “It’s All Downhill From Here” as part of NEPO 5k 2012, “DOWNHILL“.

“Coats” was shot on Super 8 one snowy afternoon in 2006, and recently appeared in Velocity’s Next Dance Cinema‘s 2014 program at the Northwest Film Forum. It began as a multiple choice poem about favorite coats.

VisaVisSociety_moleculehandlingVis-a-Vis Society - Michael Doucett Photography 5422122857_6cbeb2a720_b(2)

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