THE END Video Poem

Just a few ways to end.

This video is a collaboration with Sierra Nelson. Together we are Vis-a-Vis Society, a group of poet-scientists dedicated to the analysis of the everyday. This excerpt is from Vis-a-Vis Society’s much longer video poem/instructional video of 1,000 ways to end. Premiered as part of Vis-a-Vis Society’s interactive installation piece “Registration” at NEPO 5K Don’t Run 2015. Written and performed by Rachel Kessler and Sierra Nelson. Director of cinematography: Britta Johnson. Editor: Britta Johnson. Sound: Britta Johnson. Studio Recording: Kent Kessler.


Video Poems

I’m teaching a class on video poems with the fantastic organization Path With Art right now, so I thought I should post a few of the video poems I’ve made with my collaborator, Sierra Nelson, as part of our literary performance art group Vis-a-Vis Society. (Click on the highlighted links to be transported to my vimeo videos!)

Our most recent heavy metal palindrome one-shot piece: “O, GO” which was part of an installation at the starting line of NEPO House‘s 5K “Don’t Run” artwalk last summer. Brilliantly shot by Genius Award Winning cinematographer Ben Kasulke.

An instructional video on the theme of “It’s All Downhill From Here” as part of NEPO 5k 2012, “DOWNHILL“.

“Coats” was shot on Super 8 one snowy afternoon in 2006, and recently appeared in Velocity’s Next Dance Cinema‘s 2014 program at the Northwest Film Forum. It began as a multiple choice poem about favorite coats.

VisaVisSociety_moleculehandlingVis-a-Vis Society - Michael Doucett Photography 5422122857_6cbeb2a720_b(2)

If a Handful of Matches Is Thrown to the Floor

I’m thrilled to be a part of this conversation with Sierra Nelson at The Project Room on Monday, April 27, 7:00 PM.

If a Handful of Matches is Thrown to the Floor:

Exploring the parallels between the scientific method and divination with Artist Sierra Nelson.

MondAY, April 27, 7-8pm at The Project Room

Performance Artist and Poet Sierra Nelson invites us into a conversation questioning the roles divination, science, and artistic practice play in our understanding of the past and choices for the future.  She’ll be joined by her longtime collaborator Rachel Kessler to bookend the conversation with some live experiments.


Christian Charm Workbook: Rachel Kessler Does Everything Wrong

(Zacchaeous in the Tree Halloween Costume, circa 1981)

Zacheous In the Tree

I will read from my work-in-progress memoir Christian Charm Workbook, (previously titled Hack) illustrated with my cartoons, old photos, maps, charts, and graphs at the Hugo House. Local literary luminaries Rebecca Hoogs, Sierra Nelson, Jason Whitmarsh, and Kevin Craft will each perform a poetry PowerPoint presentation, Pecha Kucha-style. This multi-media project is supported by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and 4Culture. Free and open to the public, it all takes place on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Richard Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, Seattle. The bar will be open! We’ll eat some cake! And maybe have a sing-along?


Anne Carson in Seattle

I am thrilled to be a part of this performance, along with Sierra Nelson, Ed Skoog, Kary Wayson, and Katie Ogle!

Anne Carson & Robert Currie in Performance TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014, 7:30 PM Town Hall Seattle

This evening will feature a world premiere performance of a new work by Anne Carson and Robert Currie inspired by the Cycladic Sculptures. With original music by Eyvind Kang and Jessika Kenney.The Cycladic Sculptures were created between 5000 and 2400 BC on the Cycladic Islands of Greece set in the Aegean Sea. These sculptures possess certain features; they are proportional and simplistic, their arms are folded, and the only facial feature carved was the nose. The sculptures have all been excavated at Cycladic cemetaries.